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December 6, 2012

Corrections to December 2012 print edition

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Written by: shelley
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We try hard to get everything right before printing (or publishing online).

But we make mistakes, and the only thing we can do then is to apologize and publish a correction.

Thank you to our sharp-eyed readers for bringing these mistakes to our attention.

Below are the three corrections we need to let you know about for mistakes in the December print issue of Orange County Breeze.

As all of these errors are my responsibility, I apologize.

Seal Beach Animal Care Center

On page 8, in the list of non-profit organizations, we were happy to newly include Seal Beach Animal Care Center, “Pro-humane adoption center and shelter for cates and dogs.”


That should be cats and dogs.

Woman’s Club of Cypress

For some reason, I spent a lot of time confused about the Woman’s Club of Cypress. No excuses, though, for printing on page 8 that Roni Gregoy is the current president. I am told that Judy Wagner is the current president.

Marie Callender’s Grill

In the page 3 article about Marie Callender’s Grill, I managed a trifecta.

First, Bob Barger is still alive. Nancy Procter’s father (Bill Procter), not her business partner (Bob Barger), died within two weeks of his friend Don Callender, Marie Callender’s son.

Second, Bob Barger is responsible entirely for the re-design of the Marie Callender’s store in Seal Beach.

Third, no Champagne brunch is served.

My errors should not discourage you from patronizing the restaurant at 12489 Seal Beach Blvd. It serves fabulous food, and the pies are the best anywhere.

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Shelley Henderson is a reformed computer and networking geek turned freelance writer. Now she only fixes her own networks and computers. That leaves time for writing, and writing and more writing. And editing the Orange County Breeze. Shelley most enjoys visiting and finding out about local businesses to write business profiles that allow our communities to learn more about their local businesses and the people who own and run them. If you own or manage a business in our coverage area and would like to invite Shelley to write a business profile, let us know.

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