A warning about counterfeit cashier's checks from America's Christian Credit Union has been issued by the California Department of Business Oversight.

California passes along warning about counterfeit cashier’s checks

America’s Christian Credit Union (“ACCU”) has reported that counterfeit cashier’s checks are being presented for payment. Here is what is known so far:

  • ACCU cashier’s checks have been counterfeited and are an excellent reproduction of the actual checks.
  • The counterfeit checks are being sent to individuals nationwide along with a letter from “Mystery Survey” asking them to cash the check, purchase gift cards, send front and back images of the gift cards to a number listed on the letter, and keep a portion of the check proceeds as their “payment.”
  • The check number ranges that have been seen so far are 59979-60169. This range is within the range of checks numbers ACCU is currently issuing, which makes it difficult to determine which are good checks and which are counterfeit checks.
  • Most of the checks are in the amount of $1,000. However, one financial institution called about a counterfeit check in the amount of $2,980.00.
  • To verify the validity of the checks, or for additional information please contact: Marty Archer
    AVP of Compliance
    America’s Christian Credit Union
    [email protected]
    (800) 343-6328 ext. 5556

The article above was released by the California Department of Business Oversight.