To date, more than 276,000 Dreamers have renewed DACA thanks to court order secured by California

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced that as a result of the court order secured by California, more than 276,000 Dreamers have been able to renew their deferred action and work authorization under DACA since January. This data was published in the latest quarterly report on DACA renewals, which the federal government is required to file as part of the preliminary injunction that California secured to preserve DACA.

“While the Trump Administration keeps trying to crush our Dreamers’ hope for a better life, we continue to fight to defend their rights,” said Attorney General Becerra. “Our success in the courtroom means our colleagues, neighbors, classmates, and family members with DACA authorization may continue to live, work and succeed out of the shadows.”

By court order, federal immigration authorities are required to report quarterly data on the number of DACA applications that have been renewed or await a pending decision as a result of the nationwide preliminary injunction Attorney General Becerra secured in January. The federal government’s updated statistics revealed that approximately 89,000 Dreamers had their renewals approved in the most recent quarter. This quarter’s renewals bring the total to 276,480 renewals approved since January 10, 2018: including approximately 32,000 between January and April, 71,000 between April and July, and 84,000 between July and October.

This article was released by the California Attorney General’s Office.

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  1. If there ever was a liberal California politician who represented the insanity in Sacramento, it’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Who cares about so-called Dreamers when illegal criminal aliens are injuring and murdering legal American citizens? Forget the So-called Dreamers who came into this country illegally. Let’s instead focus on the dreams of American citizens

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