Community invited to learn how to lower monthly water bill and beautify homes

The Coastkeeper Garden welcomes Master Gardener Julie Bawden-Davis to host a free workshop about low-care houseplant gardening techniques. The program covers topics such as feeding, handling pests and diseases, supplying proper lighting, pruning, and repotting. Houseplants and copies of Julie’s gardening book will be available for purchase.

Reducing residential water usage is one of many ways that Coastkeeper advocates for sustainable water practices. On a smaller scale, welcoming these water-wise houseplants into the home can provide mental health benefits and increased indoor air quality.

This event will be held Saturday, March 2 at 10 a.m. at Orange County Coastkeeper Garden, 8520 E. Santiago Canyon Rd., Orange, CA 92869.

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This article was released by Orange County Coastkeeper.