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Informed Parents of California (IPOC) calls for rejection of State sex education mandate

Informed Parents of California (IPOC) will rally on the south steps of the Capitol March 28, 2019 at 10 a.m., calling for the rejection of the State Board of Education’s Proposed Health Education Framework and a reversal of mandates for comprehensive sexuality education and teaching gender fluid theory as young as pre-kindergarten. The grassroots organization says thousands are expected to attend.

“California’s implementation of the California Healthy Youth Act (AB 329) is a model for organizations that push comprehensive sex education nationwide and they intend to use this agenda to promote social change. They are using our kids and our tax dollars to undermine families, parental authority, cultural values and the very principles this nation was founded upon,” says IPOC Spokesperson Aileen Blachowski. “California parents will not tolerate the State’s attempt to use our children as pawns to push their extreme and damaging agenda.”

IPOC has been exposing the content of the Proposed Health Education Framework through its Facebook group and other social networks. Blachowski says the proposed Framework, in its current iteration, which will guide classroom teaching standards and textbook content for a decade or more, should be rejected. Framework adoption will be voted on by the State Board of Education at their May 8th/9th meeting. Rally goers are taking this opportunity to draw state and national attention to their fight, and to make public comment at the final Instructional Quality Commission meeting before the May vote.

Organizations supporting IPOC include:
Pacific Justice Institute California Family Council Church United
Concerned Women for America—CA Chapter Salt & Light Council Eagle Forum of California
Phil Cowan, Host of “The Answer” KTKZ AM 1380, Sacramento will emcee the event.
Legislative sponsors and rally speakers will be announced soon. Press kit with evidence documents here.

Informed Parents of California founder Stephanie Yates says, “We are taking our passion for protecting our children to Sacramento to make our voices heard. We will not allow our kids to be sexualized in the classroom. We will not allow our parental rights to be stripped from us. We will not allow our children’s hearts and minds to be stolen and used for political social experiments and radical activist agendas. We will stop at nothing to protect our kids.”

This article was released by Informed Parents of California.


  1. This is just disgusting… kids should be KIDS and not involved in adult matters ! Kids are NOT interested in such a “curriculum “ ….DO NOT SUPPORT!!!! NEGATIVE ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Can the name of the idiots that proposed this Bill be published, so they can be voted out of office.
      The Earth was established with 2 genders. That is in my belief in God and in creation.
      If there is any proof, that multiple genders were created don’t you believe we would have known by now.
      There are areas of science that can say there are errors in chromosomes, in development in the womb that have both types of genatalia, but I don’t think they have found a other gender.
      The individual parents should have the responsibility and right to protect their children from being forced to listen to the garbage that preverts, hedonistic non believers want to force upon society.
      At an age of reason and maturity this should be something a family discusses. Not a dictate from a self serving group of law makers.
      California legislators you are overstepping your boundaries.
      Please don’t mess with my children, my grandchildren and the future generations. Stop acting like Hitler.

  2. Sexualing children should not be allowed anywhere especially in school! What happened to reading, writing and arithmetic??

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