Young Kim calls on Gil Cisneros to apologize for his bigoted comments

Young Kim called on Gil Cisneros to apologize for the personal attacks he launched against her, claiming she is nothing more than a token minority candidate and questioning her status as an immigrant. The reason—Young Kim doesn’t agree with Cisneros’ far left political views.

Gil Cisneros stated:

“My opponent, Young Kim… she’s the one they’re holding up as their shining star, their number one candidate, the one who they’re using as the example of ‘look we are diverse, look we do support immigrants.’ But we all know she’s an immigrant that doesn’t support immigration.”

In her two decades as Director of Community Outreach for Congressman Ed Royce, Young Kim helped constituents through the immigration process and assisted in their pursuit of United States citizenship. She has always run as a pro-immigration candidate and supports a permanent fix to DACA, keeping family migration as a tenet of the United States immigration system and supporting policies that allow the next generation to achieve the American Dream.

Young Kim responded by condemning the comments:

“Gil Cisneros’ comments are an attempt to undermine who I am because I don’t agree with his politics. This is offensive not only to me but all immigrants and people of color across the nation that do not fall in line with the far-left political positions Gil supports. He should apologize immediately.”

Young Kim is a former State Assemblywoman, worked for over twenty years as the Director of Community Outreach, and has been listed as one of the nation’s top candidates because of her hard work and dedication to the 39th Congressional District. Young’s family left South Korea when she was a child and immigrated to the United States in search of a better life. Through hard work and determination, Young Kim was able to put herself through college, start a business, and raise a family.

This article was released by Young Kim for Congress.

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  1. As a voter and district constituent, I find Ms. Kim’s desperate interpretation of the Congressman’s factual comment to be dishonest and defamatory. Her record of supporting anti-immigrant policy speaks convincingly. There’s a BIG difference between running as a pro-immigrant candidate and having the courage of conviction to actually ACT in favor of pro-immigrant policies.

  2. “But we all know she’s an immigrant that doesn’t support immigration.” This looks more like a description of Kim’s favoritism of immigration from certain countries, rather than bigotry. Nice try, not buying it. Young Kim is a Republican, running as a Republican. The leader of Republicans is Donald Trump. You are chained to his record of racism, greed, divisiveness, raising taxes for California homeowners. This is pathetic attempt to start an argument over a criticism of your favoritism to certain constituents.

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