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SCOTUSblog launches 2020 Election Litigation Tracker

SCOTUSblog is well-known for its non-partisan coverage and analysis of the United States Supreme Court.

In this crazy year of pandemic lockdowns and likely election controversy, SCOTUSblog is launching 2020 Election Litigation Tracker in collaboration with Election Law at Ohio State, to track significant election-related law suits as they wind their way through the legal system towards the Supreme Court.

According to SCOTUSblog:

This is an unusual project for SCOTUSblog. We don’t normally cover litigation before it reaches the Supreme Court. But in the election law context, cases typically reach the justices in an emergency posture and must be litigated at high speed. That means these momentous cases often do not get the benefit of oral argument, full briefing and lengthy deliberation by the justices. And because of how quickly the cases arise, the legal community, the press and the public often lack access to reliable, nonpartisan information about how the cases got to the justices and what issues are at stake. That’s the problem our 2020 Election Litigation Tracker aims to solve. It is not a comprehensive database of all election-related lawsuits. Rather, it is a resource on the cases that are most likely to land on the desks of the justices shortly before – or shortly after – Election Day. When they do, they should not come as a surprise.

So if the election is not decided on election night, if it’s too close to call or the loser refuses to concede and instead files a law suit, SCOTUSblog will be locked and loaded to follow the controversies, analyze them, and report.

For local elections, we’ll keep an eye on the Orange County Registrar of Voters and the California Secretary of State. For federal results, you can bet that we here at Orange County Breeze will be following sites like Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.com and, if it comes down to legal challenges, SCOTUSblog&squo;s 2020 Election Litigation Tracker.

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