Shelley Henderson launched Orange County Breeze online in June 2011 to deliver news about the small inland communities of northwest Orange County, California.

Orange County Breeze enables members of those small communities to toot their horns more loudly.

It lengthens the reach of neighborhood news, allowing neighbors to meet neighbors and grow into friends.

It bangs a big drum for worthy causes and whoops about worthy achievements.

Readers asked whether a print edition would follow.

After almost a year of hard work, Shelley has been joined by Guy Cariglio. Together, they are readying a print edition to build on the foundation of the online edition.

Both editions of Orange County Breeze will encourage discovery — finding out about people, events, organizations, products, services and businesses that readers otherwise will miss out on.

The two editions will blend like José Cuervo and limes, harmonize like the Beach Boys, and click like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

“Guy and I tossed ideas for a print edition back and forth,” Shelley says.

“Some ideas cost too much. Others needed too many people,” Guy admits.

“Finally, we found the Goldilocks solution,” Shelley says.

Guy describes that solution: “A monthly, 24-page large-format magazine, printed in color on high-bright paper. It will be delivered free to 30,000 homes and businesses in Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, College Park East, El Dorado Park Estates and Cypress — plus the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base.”

Shelley insists, “A print edition will deepen coverage of the people, places, and things that make living in our small communities great.”

“The online version will still offer daily news as we receive it,” Guy reminds.

Between them, Shelley and Guy have decades of experience in computer technology, writing, newspaper production and advertising sales. They want to take Orange County Breeze beyond the online edition’s 300-pixel-wide photos and 400-word articles.

Shelley and Guy want to thank you, the readers, contributors and advertisers of Orange County Breeze, for your support.

With your continued support, the staff members of Orange County Breeze look forward eagerly to banging drums, tooting horns and whooping about all the great things going on in our small communities in northwest Orange County, California.