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Marketing and more: My crystal ball says Hillary will not run

The Marketing Maven has looked into her crystal ball and is making a prediction: Hillary Clinton will not run for president. What Hillary will do is announce her decision not to seek the presidency at the latest possible moment...
by Robin Itzler


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detail of U.S. flag

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

While enjoying the patriotic music video below, kindly remember that one of the reasons the Founders “mutually pledge[d] to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor” was “For imposing Taxes on us without ou...
by shelley


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money maze, dollar sign

New Field Poll shows Californians divided over “wealth gap”

Since the so-called “wealth gap” is likely to be a hobby horse frequently ridden by Democrats in the Fall election, the results of the latest Field Poll (pdf) should interest voters and politicoes: The emphasis should not b...
by shelley


Baby Boomers dethroned as largest age cohort

Young whippersnappers in the 20 to 24 years old age cohort have snatched the size prize from aging Baby Boomers in the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest population estimate, for July 2013. As someone who has been dragged along unwi...
by shelley



Field Poll shows Governor Brown well ahead of GOP’s Kashkari

In a just-released post-primary poll of California voters, Governor Jerry Brown benefits greatly from name recognition over his Republican challenger, Neel Kashkari. The good news for Kashkari is that among likely voters he is ...
by shelley


Marketing Maven Robin Itzler at Caesar's Forum in Las Vegas. Courtesy photo.

Marketing and More: Viva Las Vegas!

Cities and states spend enormous sums creating a slogan or tag line for their brand so when people hear it, there is a unified mindset that defines the locale. For example, “I love New York,” “It’s so Miami,” and “A...
by Robin Itzler



Marketing Maven: Leaving on a jet plane

Beginning in December 2010, Baby Boomers started to retire at 10,000 per day. That will continue through to 2029. When my Boomer friends and I get together, a frequent topic is retirement. Do we plan to retire early at age 62? ...
by Robin Itzler

money, fist, business suit

Keep nagging your kids to go to college

A lot of feathers and hot air have swirled recently about the gap between the income of the “top 1%” in this country and everybody else. Now a study shows that a bigger and more meaningful gap yawns between workers who comp...
by shelley



Marketing and More: Stop drinking the whine!

Do you know someone who is always whining about the same problem although there is little or nothing he or she can do about it? Whatever the personal or professional issue might be, they focus on what can’t be controlled rath...
by Robin Itzler


Marketing and More: Word-of-mouth marketing, from polish to politics

One of the best ways to promote your product, service or candidate is via word-of-mouth, which includes eWOM (electronic word-of-mouth), such as email and social media. Companies conduct social media campaigns to engage current...
by Robin Itzler


La Palma Days Parade, District 2 Supervisor John Moorlach

Supervisor Moorlach votes against “apple pie”

In his email newsletter yesterday, Second District Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach explained his no vote when the Board of Supervisors was asked to support AB 1453. Introduced by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (who rep...
by shelley

Robin Itzler, the Marketing Maven, and her new washing machine. Courtesy photo.

Marketing and More: A tale of two Sears letters

Cruises – dinners – hotel accommodations – theater tickets – gift cards – amusement park tickets – merchandise… it’s a long list of what I’ve received over the years from companies apologizing when their produ...
by Robin Itzler



Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Most everyone’s heard the saying that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday celebrates the famous 5th Century missionary who is known as the “Apostle to Ireland” and is practically sy...
by Katie

Robin Itzler, the Marketing Maven. Courtesy photo.

Marketing and More: And the winner is…

And the winner is … More than 43 million people watched the Academy Awards on March 2. Interestingly, there were two unexpected winners that never had to come onto the stage to accept an Oscar. Apple – Viewers saw Ellen DeG...
by Robin Itzler