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Marketing Maven Robin Itzler and her proud Democrat father.

I Miss My Dad, But Am Glad He Isn’t Here

My beloved father died in 1992 from complications related to Alzheimer’s – may he rest in peace. Born in 1921, Dad suffered greatly during the Depression, often going without meals. Enlisting during World War II, he fought ...
by Robin Itzler


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Page 17 of a presentation on the Los Coyotes Country Club development proposal, presented at a community meeting on Oct. 13, 2014. Courtesy of City of Buena Park.

Measure A supporter writes open letter to Buena Park City Council members

Open Letter To All Buena Park Council Members: Based on the public comments at last Tuesdays meeting, we hope that you may have gotten the idea that this is not what you bought in to or expected with your initial support of ...
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Page 17 of a presentation on the Los Coyotes Country Club development proposal, presented at a community meeting on Oct. 13, 2014. Courtesy of City of Buena Park.

Supporters of Buena Park Measure A respond to claims by opponents

The owners of Los Coyotes Country Club want to build luxury condos on land zoned “open space.” They are personally funding the entire campaign against Measure A and will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to def...
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Something is wrong with this picture!

NBC News anchor Brian Williams lied about his escapades while reporting the news and within days was suspended without pay. Rumor has it that if he returns to NBC, it will be in a different capacity. Why was Williams tossed out...
by Robin Itzler



Supporters of plastic-bag ban vow to fight repeal

Orange County Breeze received this statement in response to an earlier statement in support of repealing the plastic-bag ban. We are happy to publish both sides. California vs. Big Plastic, the coalition of local officials and ...
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Republican elephant party icon

Republican Women to talk about General Patton at Jan. 17 meeting

Dear Editor, For years, many Americans believed that General George Patton died in an automobile accident at the close of World War II. However, almost from the day of his death, there have been skeptics who felt the general wa...
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Robin Itzler, the Marketing Maven, Christmas (and Hannukah) 2014. Courtesy photo.

Marketing and more: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It often seems the only time stores use the word “Christmas” in their marketing campaigns is to announce “Open Christmas Day.” Otherwise, it’s a generic “Happy Holidays,” which is insulting to the more than 95 per...
by Robin Itzler


Marketing and more: I am giving the GOP two more years

Sitting at the Thanksgiving table, there were many reasons to be thankful, starting with my mom who recently celebrated her 87th birthday. Also on my list of thanks is that Congress made historic gains in the midterm election: ...
by Robin Itzler


Robin Itzler of Royal Care Pet Setting has some suggested improvements for Princess Cruises. Courtesy photo.

Marketing and more: cruising on the M.S. Denny’s

Those who live in northwest Orange County enjoy great weather most of the year and a variety of ways to take short trips that don’t include air travel. The Marketing Maven’s favorite getaway vacation is a short cruise and s...
by Robin Itzler


Marketing and more: A red, white and blue Electio Day

In 1976, I registered as a Democrat and voted for the first time in New York City, where I was born. In the presidential race, I voted for Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter who won over Republican incumbent Gerald Ford. In the sena...
by Robin Itzler


Coyote, courtesy photo from Bureau of Land Management

Guest editorial: For managing coyotes, follow the lead of Huntington Beach

Communities in Orange County would be wise to follow the lead of Huntington Beach in managing conflicts with coyotes. Rather than engaging in an expensive and futile program to trap and kill coyotes as they recently started doi...
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Marketing and more: Sign language

Yard signs … Fence signs … Wall signs – wherever you look, there are signs posted urging you to vote for a particular candidate or support a specific proposition. Many people grumble about the landscape being littered wit...
by Robin Itzler


Tim Keenan, Creative Media Recording

Guest editorial: Former Cypress mayor supports Measures Q and R

Hello. I’m Tim Keenan, former Mayor of the City of Cypress. I’m here tonight because I’m concerned about some of the misinformation floating around about Measures Q & R that are on the ballot for Nov. 4, and to remind...
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Letter to the Editor: Come join in the discussion about city, county, and state propositions

Dear Editor, We elect our representatives to study issues and make the right decisions based on what a majority of their constituents want them to do. Sometimes they do just that, other instances they don’t. Often times they ...
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