Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor: Seal Beach’s breezy Electric Avenue Park, quaint Main Street restaurants, picturesque shops and iconic pier entices people to visit the city. As a bonus, visitors might learn things during their stay. For instance, last week during an afternoon visit I discovered that automobiles could spread and be infected …continue reading

Top Ten Stories for February 08 through February 14 included COVID-19 precautions, college grads, and Joe Biden. Top Ten Stories for February 08 through February 14 were the most-read stories at Orange County Breeze over the last week (excluding weather forecasts and events): Precautions EVERYONE should take against COVID-19 Garden …continue reading

Most everyone knows someone who has/had dementia, witnessing the frightening early signs that tell us a loved one’s mind is slowly disappearing. I saw this with my own beloved father. Now the American people are getting a firsthand observation of what early dementia looks like thanks to the Democratic National …continue reading

As a Teacher and community advocate to improve, increase, and strengthen Career and Technical Education (CTE) provided by public schools to K-12 students, I am concerned as many others are as well, that our public schools are not providing enough CTE classes. Instead of offering more CTE classes, over the …continue reading

Dear Editor, As Americans, we should be able to debate issues without using Nazi or Holocaust references, misquoting and misconstruing facts and history. Comparing President Trump to Hitler, a genocidal maniac who systematically murdered 12 million people – six million of whom were Jewish, or stating that Republicans are Nazis …continue reading