The historic California statewide lockdown has many people spending more time at home, creatively finding ways to be entertained as Americans work together to “flatten the curve.” I have cut back on my television viewing since I become too emotional watching Charmin toilet paper commercials. Post lockdown, will there be …continue reading

Most everyone knows someone who has/had dementia, witnessing the frightening early signs that tell us a loved one’s mind is slowly disappearing. I saw this with my own beloved father. Now the American people are getting a firsthand observation of what early dementia looks like thanks to the Democratic National …continue reading

At first glance, Chick-fil-A Restaurants would be a textbook case of insulting loyal customers to appease non-customers who loudly demanded fundamental changes to the international company’s brand. Maybe it wasn’t appeasement. Maybe moving to the radical socialist left is part of Chick-fil-A’s recent marketing strategy to change its iconic brand …continue reading

AB 5, sponsored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-AD80) and signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom on September 18, 2019, enacted as law the ruling made by the California Supreme Court regarding the relationship of employers to independent contractors in the State of California. Known as the Dynamex case, the ruling …continue reading

No suprises: every single Congressional representative from Orange County voted in favor of HR 755 and HR 756, impeaching President Trump, in lockstep with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Appalling — and I don’t even like President Trump. Although I find the actions of the House of Representatives …continue reading

As California spins up a rancorous early political season — the state primary will be in March next year rather than June — there remain many things for which to be grateful, even in the once-Golden State. We will be traveling locally to partake of holiday food and fellowship among …continue reading

self-injection anxiety

Like many people across the world, I deal with self-injected medication for a long-term (in my case, life-long) medical condition. I’m fortunate to have found a medication that is extremely effective to treat my condition, to the point where my prescribing physician described me as a poster child for responsiveness …continue reading

Top Ten Stories for September 16 through September 22 include major Cypress police activity, hate crimes in Orange County, and National Merit scholarships. Top Ten Stories for September 16 through September 22 most-read stories at Orange County Breeze over the last week (excluding weather forecasts and events): Major police activity …continue reading