Sentencing scheduled for man convicted of shooting at Cypress café

From records of the Orange County District Attorney:

Stevenson Choi Kim

Case ID#04WF0953
Date: July 15
Time: 9:00 a.m.

On March 14, 2004, Stephenson Kim consumed alcohol at a home with several members of his Asian criminal street gang including Robin Kim, Nair, Sun, Watkins, Kanchanapoomi, and Ung. The defendants left the home in several cars armed with firearms with the intention of finding rival gang members to fight. The defendants drove to 5th Wave Café in Cypress to look for rival gang members. Inside the café, 22-year-old Venus Hyun was enjoying dinner with six friends. Stephenson Kim took a firearm and entered the crowded café. He approached the table where Hyun was sitting with her friends and began shooting at the seven people at the table. Stephenson Kim murdered Hyun by shooting her in the back. Stephenson Kim also shot four other victims, all of whom survived. He missed the other two men at the table.