Close call for koi at Shenandoah

Staff and patrons of Shenandoah, a quiet escape steps from busy Los Alamitos Boulevard, were horrified earlier today to see the koi in the restaurant’s outdoor pond floating on their side or laying on the bottom, unmoving.

According to Hap Lecompte, a gardener had left a hose running to top off the level of the water in the pond.

Normally, that’s not a problem.

However, this time the gardener forgot to turn the water off. The pond overflowed — leaving the koi gasping for oxygen in regular city water instead of carefully treated koi-pond water.

As soon as staff notified him of what had happened, Hap knew that he had to add a detoxifying agent to the chlorinated water just as soon as possible.

The chemical agent is kept on site, for just such an emergency. (When we talked with Hap, he didn’t name the particular water conditioner, but it may have been similar to Weco DeChlor.)

But Hap discovered that the amount on hand was way too little. He had to make an emergency run to a koi store in Huntington Beach.

After Hap added the water conditioner, the koi perked up and began swimming around again.

Hap and his brother built the pond about fifteen years ago. When the koi were first introduced to the pond, they were the size of goldfish.

A happy ending for all concerned — Hap, the staff of Shenandoah, the restaurant’s concerned customers and most especially the koi!

Shenandoah is located at 10631 Los Alamitos Boulevard in Los Alamitos.