printable sudoku and crossword puzzles

Puzzle pages for the fifth week of March 2015

I am pleased as punch to announce that we have finished a fun addition to our monthly Dining, Arts & Entertainment publication (DARTS) — we’ve added two puzzle pages!

Starting with the April 2015 edition of DARTS, the last two pages will give our readers an opportunity to challenge themselves with three puzzles:

  • a crossword;
  • a sudoku;
  • and a Crypto Fun!

Fun extended through the month

But the puzzle-solving fun doesn’t end with the publication of DARTS in the first week of each month…

…because each following Sunday, we will publish another two pages of puzzles — that’s another crossword, another sudoku, and another Crypto Fun!

Readers of Orange County Breeze will be able to enjoy the challenge of printable sudoku and crossword puzzles every Sunday.

Downloadable and printable

The monthly DARTS is downloadable and printable — and so are each of the two-page Sunday puzzle pages!

Solutions are included so you won’t have to wait if you need help!

Don’t wait… click now!

The fourth set of puzzles — for the fifth week of March — is available right now — just click for puzzles for the fifth week of March 2015!

Advertising opportunities

We love supporting our local businesses, so our new puzzles pages have room for business owners and managers to let our readers know about their goods and services.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, or learn more, email [email protected].