Cover art for June 2015 Dining, Arts, and Entertainment.

June 2015 Dining, Arts and Entertainment listing available now!

A year and a half ago, the departure of our marketing director forced the suspension of the print edition of Orange County Breeze.

Despite this snag, we have continued the highly popular Dining, Arts & Entertainment (DARTS) listing that was published at the back of each monthly print issue.

We pulled the listings from the last print issue, reformatted them, and made them available as a downloadable pdf document.

The next month we published the first stand-alone DARTS. A couple of months ago, we added a puzzle section at the back.

Now the June 2015 DARTS can be downloaded for free!

From cover to back, it’s pages are stuffed with event listings, articles, and display advertisements for local people, venues and events.

We encourage you to download the June 2015 DARTS and let us know what you think!

Advertising in DARTS

Interested in advertising in DARTS?

Our 2015 media kit provides information on rates, or you can email [email protected] with questions.