SacBee: incoming California governor shows cards on health care with new hires

Writing for the Sacramento Bee, Sophia Bollag says that new hires by incoming California Governor Gavin Newsom show that he’s serious about his campaign promise to implement universal health care:

Incoming chief of staff Ann O’Leary helped develop the Children’s Health Insurance Program when she worked in the Bill Clinton White House.

[Newsom’s] cabinet secretary — typically the second-highest-ranking cabinet member — Ana Matosantos helped lead negotiations to expand health insurance access under former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The only active legislative effort is to expand health coverage to residents (as Bollag delicately writes) “without legal status.” The cost of such an expansion is estimated to be around $3 billion.

Other new hires with political experience in health care, according to Bollag:

  • Daniel Zingale, Office of Strategic Communications and Public Engagement
  • Angie Wei, top policy development aide
  • Maricela Rodriguez, communications

Democrats run both houses of the California State Legislature. Unless there is a popular revolt, little stands between the incoming governor and his ambitious health care policy.