Los Alamitos police blotter

The items shown below are selected from the logs of the Los Alamitos Police Department. No inference of guilt is implied in showing any item in the Los Alamitos police blotter.

December 14, 2018

Counseling – 2:51 p.m. – 3400 block of Sausalito St. – The caller reported that a subject from Cypress was in the location, talking to the owner about how he had killed many people and rambling on, making strange statements. The subject left in the vehicle and the caller wanted to share the event with police because she feared the subject and what he said. Counseled.

December 15, 2018

Vehicle Burglary – 1:38 a.m. – 3600 block of Howard Ave. – An unknown suspect reporteldy smashed a rear window and took two laptops, house keys, truck keys, and a passport.

December 16, 2018

Patrol Check – 6:38 a.m. – Pine/Bradbury – Two males were reportedly wandering in the area. The caller saw them walk up to a house and then walk away. Police contacted the subjects, who were determined to be drunk. The subjects were picked up by a rideshare.
DUI – 7:14 a.m. – Seal Beach/Westminster (Seal Beach) – A subject was reportedly swerving and driving in the bike lane, almost hitting the curb. Police contacted the driver and determined that the subject was not drunk. A priority re-exam order with issued to the subject.

December 17, 2018

Hazard – 6:07 a.m. – 3000 block of Howard Ave. – The caller reported electrical wires down on the ground in the alley. It was determined that the wires were telecommunications wires. The company was notified.
Smoke Investigation – 4:39 p.m. – 4300 block of Green Ave. – OCFA was en route for smoke coming from an apartment. The fire was extinguished and the incident was handled by OCFA.

December 18, 2018

Keep the Peace – 12:11 p.m. – 3700 block of Catalina St. – A subject was reportedly upset due to being fired and not being given a reason why. Police were requested an officer to keep the peace or offer counseling. Police stood by while the ex-employee collected his property.
Illegally Parked Vehicle – 7:18 p.m. – 10000 block of Chestnut St. – A 30-foot boat was reportedly parked in front of the location without a permit and was taking up four parking spaces, and the caller advised that it was a chronic problem. Police counseled the reporting party. The other subject was contacted and would move the vehicle.

December 19, 2018

Traffic Hazard – 5:23 p.m. – 605 Fwy./Katella – A female subject with no shoes was reportedly pushing a stroller and walking in traffic lanes westbound on Katella Ave. The subject was gone on the arrival of police.
DUI – 11:43 p.m. – Katella/605 Fwy. – A vehicle was reportedly swerving all over the freeway, breaking, and putting blinkers on. The vehicle headed southbound on Los Alamitos Blvd. Police conducted a traffic stop at Maple and Farquhar and determined that the driver, who lived on Farquhar, was not drunk, just very exhausted.

December 20, 2018

Incident Report – 2:12 p.m. – 10000 block of Los Almaitos Blvd. – The reporting party reported a a scam received that morning. A subject attempted to get money from the business while posing as a corporate entity, stating that they owed money for the pumps at the location. The reporting party’s corporate office requested a report. The subject claimed to be the district manager, called at 6:05 a.m. and instructed the Assistant Manager to set aside money from the safe for parts used to repair pump #7. The subject asked for an amount of money that was never carried at the store. The subject asked for the new manager by name and also referenced the Manager by name. Assistant Manager gave phone to who then hung up on the subject. No loss, log number given for corporate office.
Suspicious Circumstances – 9:05 p.m. – 10000 block of Walnut St. – The caller reported a domestic dispute. The wife reportedly went to a room and got a gun and shot off two to three shots. The husband went into the room after the shots were heard, and she started throwing things and he left the house. The female did not point the gun at the reporting party. The fire department staged at a nearby business. Police responded to the residence and detained the female and checked the area to find where the bullets exited. The female’s hands were bagged for gunshot residue. The female was arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm.

December 21, 2018