Orange County ushers in new era of prosecutorial ethics and transparency with inauguration of District Attorney Todd Spitzer

District Attorney Todd Spitzer took the oath of office in the Memorial Hall at Chapman University, signalling a new era of prosecutorial ethics, transparency and reform in Orange County. Public officials, business leaders, law enforcement, prosecutors, investigators and staff of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office as well as over 500 members of the public witnessed the swearing-in of the new District Attorney on January 7, 2019.

“Being sworn-in to the office of Orange County District Attorney is one of the proudest moment of my life,” District Attorney Todd Spitzer said. “Prosecutors, law enforcement and Orange County deserve strong leadership, oversight, transparency and excellent communication. These are the qualities I will bring to the Orange County DA’s Office as your District Attorney. I know what it takes to be a prosecutor. I’ve handled thousands of cases including sexual assault, gangs, attempted homicide, drunk driving, animal cruelty, robbery, car jacking, domestic violence and juvenile cases. I have grieved with victims and their families when the actions of violent criminals caused destruction on their lives.”

Spitzer vowed to bring an end to prosecutorial misconduct saying, “The DA’s office will commit to our partners in the criminal justice system—the honorable judges who hear and decide cases, and the public defenders and members of the criminal defense bar—that we will not tolerate unconstitutional violations of defendants’ rights in the zeal to get a conviction, conduct that has harmed defendants, harmed our justice system, and harmed victims by resulting in dropped charges and lighter sentences.”

Tackling homelessness as a public safety issue was a key theme of Spitzer’s inauguration, “We must confront the homelessness crisis with compassion and resolve and keep our children off the streets and away from gangs.”

He concluded, “The DA’s Office must and will remain independent of outside political influences and will work to ensure transparency for the citizens who we serve.”

This article was a courtesy release.