Humboldt, Santa Barbara and Stanislaus County Chairs endorse Travis Allen for Chairman

The Travis Allen for California Republican Party Chairman campaign announced the endorsements of Santa Barbara County Chairman Tom Widroe, Humboldt County Republican Party Chairman John Schutt, and Stanislaus County Republican Party Chairman Joseph Day.

Santa Barbara Republican Party Chairman Tom Widroe enthusiastically states, “Travis Allen has enormous energy and a donor list of 20,000 strong. That’s precisely what we need to reinvigorate our party. Travis is also an excellent communicator and stands for the conservative common sense values shared by all Republicans. With Travis at the helm, we can come together to make a real difference here in California.”

Humboldt County Republican Chairman John Schutt continues, “Travis Allen has been a strong voice for California Republicans, fighting to rebuild our party from the ground up, working in the trenches and doing the hard work required to get Republicans elected. Travis Allen’s leadership as the next Chairman of the California Republican Party will improve the lives of all Californians. We have to stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. California needs an energetic conservative leader to take on the Democrats, not placate them!”

And Stanislaus County Republican Party Chairman Joseph Day adds, “Travis Allen is the leader the California Republican Party needs today. He has energy and spirit that excite younger people, and the conservative values long time party activists respect. He speaks plainly about the damage done by those in control of Sacramento, who harm our families and rob us and our children of dreams. He has the experience necessary to focus Party attention where it will have the greatest positive impact on all of our families in this state.”

Last week, the Travis Allen campaign announced the support of five County Republican Party Chairs.

“The California Democrats have deprived the people of the use of their natural resources, such as timber and minerals in the North, and water in the Central Valley. Their one party rule has led to the nation’s worst poverty and homelessness, failing education and rising crime. Californians across the state have had enough. It’s about time the California Republican Party starts being their voice and brings balance back to California,” finished Allen.

Learn more about Travis Allen’s campaign for California Republican Party Chairman here.

This article was released by the Travis Allen for California Republican Party Chairman.

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  1. There appears to only be one Republican who can possibly save California and that would be Travis Allen who is running for California Republican Party Chairman.

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