National Museum of the Surface Navy to deploy on Los Angeles’ Battleship IOWA in 2023

Battleship IOWA Museum announces expansion of its services and exhibition space to include the National Museum of the Surface Navy (NMSN). The NMSN will be located on the second deck of the legendary warship, also known as the “Battleship of the Presidents” signaling the four commanders-in-chief who have graced her teak decks. The $19 million expansion is envisioned as a community-based and future-oriented facility to be harbored at the Port of Los Angeles, the nation’s busiest. The mission of the museum is to raise awareness of the United States Navy Surface Fleet’s important role in international relations, free trade, humanitarian assistance and technological innovation.

The work will be done in three phases and will be completed in 2030. The 15,000 square foot refurbishment will begin with a proposed move to the anchor location at the newly redeveloped San Pedro Public Market on the LA Waterfront. A veterans’ park and large outdoor amphitheater will be built adjacent to the ship for exhibitions, military services and days of remembrance such as Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day. Nearly 15,000 square feet of exhibit space will be added by removing unneeded berths. An additional 20,000 square feet of below deck exhibit is planned as well as a building ashore that will provide an additional 20,000 to 50,000 square feet to showcase on-going and transient exhibits, theater, classrooms and lecture halls.

Chairman of the Board, Rear Admiral Mike Shatynski US Navy (Ret) states, “Battleship IOWA Museum’s location at ‘America’s Port’ serves as a daily reminder of the Surface Navy’s role in the protection of the world’s sea lanes since 90% of world trade and 99% of internet traffic is by sea.”

“Battleship IOWA serves as a great reminder of the extraordinary things man can do for man.” says Battleship IOWA Museum’s President & CEO, Jonathan Williams. “I passionately believe in providing a conduit between the Navy and the civilian communities to build public awareness throughout the world.”

Additional program and exhibit plans include highlighting the past and future roles of the Surface Navy, Next Generation Science Standards educational programming, and a Veterans Center to provide services and curricula which lead to a successful transition for military service members.

The Battleship IOWA Museum is already “top ten” as both a museum and a tourist destination in Los Angeles. The Battleship IOWA is currently moored at 250 South Harbor Boulevard, San Pedro, CA, 90731, at the Los Angeles Waterfront. It’s a visitor-serving destination that includes more than 400 acres of property maintained by the Port of Los Angeles. Featuring more than a dozen beautification and redevelopment projects utilizing open space with pedestrian promenades, walking paths, native landscaping, decorative lighting and scenic views, the LA Waterfront attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

To donate or learn more about legacy naming opportunities for corporations or individuals, please contact the Museum’s Director of Development, Joleen Deatherage at [email protected] or call 877-446-9261, ext. 747.

This article was released by the Battleship IOWA Museum.

The NMSN will be located on the second deck of the legendary warship. Courtesy photo.