Five more Republican Party County Chairs endorse Travis Allen for California Republican Party Chairman

The Travis Allen for California Republican Party Chairman campaign announced the endorsements of Calaveras County Chairwoman Vicky Reinke, Plumas County Chairwoman Leah West, Santa Barbara County Chairman Thomas Widroe, Santa Cruz County Chairman Wade Leishman, and Trinity County Chairwoman Diane Richards.

“Travis Allen is the leading champion for restoring a conservative California Republican Party that can once again compete in California. He is the only candidate that has the energy and the voice to put an end to the slow decline of the status quo and revitalize our party and state,” stated Wade Leishman, Santa Cruz County Chairman.

“The California Republican Party is all but extinct. Republicans need leadership, energy, a strong, positive vision and message. We must rebuild,” said Leah West, Plumas County Chairwoman. She continued, “I support Travis Allen and his ability to attract volunteers, fundraise and roll up his sleeves to work with all conservatives to bring back the Golden State.”

Diane Richards, Trinity County Chairwoman said, “Travis Allen is the only politician that actually came to Trinity County during a devastating fire. Travis saw with his own eyes the horror in real time and looked into the eyes and broken hearts of our firefighters and asked them how do we stop this from happening. Travis is a man of action who knows how to seek and find solutions to huge problems and he has our support.”

Last week, the Travis Allen Campaign announced the support of eight Republican Party County Chairs. The campaign has now earned the support of 13 Republican Party County Chairs, the California Republican Assembly, and Republican officials and candidates across the state.

“The California Democrats have deprived the people of the use of their natural resources, such as timber and minerals in the North, and water in the Central Valley. Their one party rule has led to the nation’s worst poverty and homelessness, failing education and rising crime. Californians across the state have had enough. It’s about time the California Republican Party starts being their voice and brings balance back to California,” finished Allen.

This article was released by Travis Allen for California Republican Party Chairman.

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  1. The ONLY possible way for Republicans to save California from liberal insanity is with Travis Allen leading the way. The state is losing Republicans because middle-class patriotic Americans (aka Republicans) are leaving California. When you add in that Sacramento has legalized voter fraud, you have a situation where insanity runs the state. Every Republican reading this comment knows several family and friends who have moved out of California and/or plan to move. GO TRAVIS ALLEN!

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