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Assemblywoman Quirk Silva alligns with Governor Newsom on homeless and housing problems

Last week, Governor Gavin Newsom released is 2019-20 initial budget proposal, and shared a mult-tiered approach to address the state’s homelessness and housing crisis. The approach the Governor has proposed aligns with the bills authored by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, as she continues her efforts to support the needs of Orange County, and address their homeless and housing issues.

“I look forward to partnering with the Governor in this effort to confront our housing crisis. Housing affordability is the biggest public policy issue affecting our state today. Every day, communities are being torn apart as more and more people struggle with affordable housing, and stave off homelessness.” said Quirk-Silva. “This is why I authored affordable housing and homelessness legislation immediately after being sworn-in to serve Orange County in 2019 and 2020. Not responding immediately would continue to create dire consequences on our quality of life and our economy.”

“For California to lead the nation in tackling homelessness and housing shortages, we must use all possible resources at our disposal to combat this crisis on all fronts,” said Quirk-Silva.

Assembly Bill (AB) 139 updates California Housing Element law to reflect the state’s homeless crisis and the need for every community to better assess the number of individuals and families facing homelessness and implement more targeted transition strategies to long term permanent housing for these Californians.

AB 143 expands emergency housing to include homeless shelters and permanent supportive housing when Orange County, or cities within Orange County, declare a shelter crisis. This will allow for streamlining California Environmental Quality Act processes, a key point of Governor Newsom’s call to action.

AB 146 would authorize CalTrans to lease airspace under state highways or excess real property acquired for highway purposes to provide emergency shelter or feeding programs. This program has proved effective in communities across the state, and Governor Newsom called for this strategy to be implemented statewide.

AB 148 expands the scope of the Sustainable Communities Strategy to track and report on real housing development as part of implementation. This includes the development of affordable housing, and provision of emergency shelter beds. The Governor declared the need for statewide goals, not just target figures set by state agencies, and regional planning focused on housing development.

The article above was released by California Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva (D-AD65).

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  1. I honestly don’t get liberal Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva.
    Of course the homeless situation is a growing problem in liberal California … so let’s have open borders and invite the world’s poorest to invade
    the once golden state. The illegal aliens can then apply for government handouts. While this is happening, more middle-class Californians leave the state.
    How about ONLY helping the homeless who are LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS???

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