Kamala Harris announces a run for the Democratic nomination in 2020

California Senator Kamala Harris announced today that she is running for president in 2020. She picked today because it’s Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. She is biracial: Indian and Black. So the date is significant.

Online bookmakers put her odds at 8 to 1. (Trump is currently at 7 to 4.)

Democracy for America

Democracy for America’s CEO Yvette Simpson issued the following statement on Harris’ announcements:

“Senator Kamala Harris’ announcement today underscores the transformational opportunity the 2020 presidential election already represents for our country. With the wide range of identities, backgrounds, and life experiences, the 2020 Democratic field not only reflects our country’s future, it stands in stark contrast to the politics of bigotry, hate, and division that drives Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

“Democrats will reclaim the White House in 2020 if we put forward a nominee who connects with the New American Majority of black, brown, and progressive white voters and strengthens that connection by advocating for a bold, inclusive populist vision for the country that can energize those who’ve never felt heard before.

“Black women have long been the backbone of the Democratic Party, and having a progressive trailblazer like Senator Harris in this race will play a crucial role in ensuring our voices are heard loud and clear in this primary.”

The group has not endorsed a candidate yet.

Travis Allen

Currently running to head the California Republican Party, Travis Allen used the announcement to denounce her political agenda and pump for donations:

Radical California Democrat Kamala Harris just announced her campaign for President of the United States – a campaign based on her agenda of open borders, government-run healthcare, and skyrocketing taxes.

These are not American values . . . and, for the sake of our country, her campaign must fail!

Harris’s policies have been disastrous for California, and they will be disastrous for America.

Kamala Harris won her seat in an election of which California Republicans were shut out of the top two. With no one from our party to challenge her, she coasted to an easy victory.

The election of Kamala Harris was one of the biggest recent failures of the California Republican Party.

In order to prevent more radical liberals like Kamala Harris from coasting into power, we need a stronger and more unified Republican Party here in California.

Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento Bee is running with the theme that she’s trying to pull together a coalition similar to Barack Obama’s:

The plans for her campaign roll-out over the next week make clear that the 54-year-old Democrat, who identifies as African American and Asian American, is taking particular aim at the African-American vote.

But Harris’ campaign team also believes that her experience in California politics and her immigrant roots — she is the daughter of an Indian immigrant mother and Jamaican immigrant father — will help her appeal to Asians, Latinos and other voters of color, as well as educated white liberals. Combined with her status as the first female attorney general in California and her outreach to young voters, they argue she has the broadest appeal of any of the multitude of Democrats in the race.

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  1. I am losing count now. Is this the 200th Democrat to announce they are running for president? And what do they all have in common?
    – They hate President Trump.
    – Everything should be free.

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