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Rohrabacher’s replacement issues statement on short-term re-opening of federal government

After President Trump signed legislation that provides three weeks of funding for the federal government, Dana Rohrabacher’s replacement, Rep. Harley Rouda (D-CA48) issued the following statement:

Today, Representative Harley Rouda (CA-48) released the following statement after the House and Senate passed legislation to re-open the government and end the longest government shutdown in history.

“It’s about time,” said Rep. Harley Rouda (CA-48). “I don’t understand why it took President Trump and Leader McConnell 35 days to realize how bad of an idea it is to shut down our government. Federal workers and contractors are not pawns in a game; they are hardworking, dedicated Americans who should be treated as such. Their suffering is real, and I simply don’t understand how anyone in this administration can think otherwise.”

“I hope to work with my colleagues to develop a bipartisan border and port security package that delivers smart, effective solutions. A wall is simply not a solution and I implore President Trump to drop this demand, so we can negotiate fairly and honestly.”

Editor’s note: Rep. Rouda oversimplifies when he says, “A wall is simply not a solution…”

A wall along (portions of) our southern border should be part of border security. Of course a wall cannot by itself solve the problem of illegal immigration. For example, many of those in this country illegally entered the country legally as visitors then overstayed their visa limit. A southern border wall can’t find such scofflaws. Another partial solution would be to require employers to use e-Verify prior to employing anyone. (Yes, even at Trump golf courses.)

I will bide my time, but I don’t expect a lot from Rep. Rouda except bobble-headed agreement with Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.