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Candidate statement from Larry Bales for 3rd Supervisorial District special election

A special election will be held in March to fill the vacant Board of Supervisors seat for the Third District. The seat became vacant when Todd Spitzer won election as Orange County District Attorney in last November’s election.

According to the Orange County Registrar of Voters, nine candidates have filed to run in the special election but only two have qualified so far: Larry Bales and Kristine “Kris” Murray. The other candidates who have filed papers are:

  • Kim-Thy “Katie” Hoang Bayliss
  • Katherine Daigle
  • Brian Harrington
  • Mark Newgent
  • Deborah Pauly
  • Loretta Sanchez
  • Donald P. Wagner

Democrat Loretta Sanchez has, perhaps, the greatest name recognition from her time as a member of Congress. The Democratic Party of Orange County is throwing its weight behind her candidacy, and is staging a “day of action” on February 2 to support her. They hope that at least two Republican candidates will split the vote and enable her to win, given a narrow Republican voter advantage in the District.

One of her opponents will be Larry Bales. We received the following candidate statement from someone we take to be Larry Bales:

I am a Viet Nam Veteran; my family has served in every United States Conflict including the Revolutionary War of Independence.

While working for the County of Orange, I exposed political corruption and unfair treatment of taxpayers that eventually resulted in 45 indictments and 45 convictions of corrupted elected officials.

Among them, a U S Congressman, the first one to be removed from U S Congress since the Civil War. My efforts, in stopping unfair and illegal property tax practices, directly contributed to the passage of Proposition 13. I support Prop 13!

I am against the “SPLIT ROLL” Property Tax being proposed. It will raise YOUR taxes. Our Commercial and Industrial business community already suffers from unfair competition and are either moving out of state or going out of business. Lost jobs.

I continue to be concerned about our election process and 2016 exposed and brought forward election fraud charges against YOUR former Assessor Webster Guillory, resulting in 5 election felony charges.

I have NOT and I will NOT accept SPECIAL INTEREST money or untraceable DARK MONEY from special interest. Special Interest and Dark Money corrupts YOUR representation to the point where, WE THE PEOPLE, no longer exists.

I support legal immigration and election laws.

Larry Bales