Sorrento residents complain to City Council about “Casa De Cypress” Airbnb listing

A pair of residents from the Sorrento residential area in Cypress spoke during oral communications at the regular meeting of the Cypress City Council on January 28, 2019. They wished to air their complaints regarding a home listed on short-term rental website Airbnb as “Casa De Cypress.”

The two speakers, both residents of Sorrento, complained of the poor behavior of guests at the location, mentioning such grievances as drunken behavior and traffic issues. The speakers stated that they, like many others in Sorrento, are long-time residents and that the Airbnb location is harming the quality of their quiet neighborhood. One speaker remarked that he had recently called the Cypress Police Department out to the location for problems with the renters.

The listing at the Airbnb website describes Casa De Cypress as capable of hosting as many as 12 guests in five bedrooms for a fee of $225 per night. For a little bit of context, a four bedroom home within walking distance of Disneyland charges $249/night on Airbnb, while a four bedroom home in Buena Park costs $165/night.

The posting offers the following description of the house:

Casa De Cypress- this house has been owned by the owners for more than 20 years. It is built in a quite neighborhood of Sorrento community in Cypress. It is close to Disneyland (Anahiem), Knotts Berry Farm (Buena Park) and a lot of fun places. 2 minutes away from Valley View street which is connected to the Freeway I-405, SR-91. It is a kids friendly place and also a great location for seniors. Close to leading restaurants in Cypress. Experience the feeling of living in home at Casa De Cypress

For those who may be wondering, the location is roughly 4.7 miles from Knott’s Berry Farm and 10.7 miles from Disneyland. And a good ten minutes or so from almost any freeway onramp – a minor claim to fame for Cypress is its distinction as the only city in Orange County without a freeway passing through it at any point.

It’s also unclear to which “leading restaurants in Cypress” the posting is referring, as Sorrento is in a heavily residential area in north-central Cypress. (I’d recommend Joe Schmoe’s, though, for the excellent hot dogs and custard!)

One of the comments on the posting proved interesting.

Jennylynn in January 2019 said, “Would definitely stay here again. Neighbors weren’t afraid to call the cops for noise complaints, though.”

It’s also worth noting that the posting specifically states: “No late night parties. It is a quite [sic] neighborhood so please respect the peace of our neighbors.”

Said neighbors asked the Cypress City Council to look into possible regulations regarding Airbnb in the city.