OC Sheriff seeking further victims of alleged thieving home organizer

Erin Aaberg. Photo courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department.
Erin Aaberg. Photo courtesy of Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

A woman, hired by multiple clients as a home organizer, has been arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) on suspicion of felony grand theft.Investigators believe there may be additional victims, and are seeking community members to come forward.

The suspect, Erin Aaberg, 41, of Aliso Viejo, was employed by several clients primarily in south Orange County for home organization services.

The first reported incident was in April 2018, when Victim 1 reported theft of a diamond bracelet and gold pendant valued atmore than $11,000. Initially Victim 1 did not know who had taken the items as her home was recently renovated and numerous contractors had access to the residence. During that same time, Victim 1 had hired Aaberg as a home organizer.

In January 2019, Victim 1 learned through a Facebook page that Aaberg had been accused by other individuals of stealing items while she worked for them. Victim 1 contacted the investigator assigned to her case to provide this additional information. The investigator discovered that in December 2018, Aaberg had sold a gold pendant to a jewelry store in Mission Viejo. Victim 1 positively identified the pendant as the item that was stolen from her residence.

The investigator began contacting additional victims who had posted on Facebook about previous thefts suspected to be taken by Aaberg. Victim 2 had a ring stolen in 2017 when Aaberg was working in her home. Aaberg returned Victim 2’s ring when she believed there would be reward money.

Victim 3 hired Aaberg for home organization services in January 2019, and then noticed numerous gift cards missing. Victim 3 reviewed surveillance video and observed Aaberg leaving with the gift cards. He confronted the suspect, who returned the gift cards.

Neither victims reported the crimes.

Due to the numerous victims who have surfaced, investigators believe there may be additional victims who haven’t previously reported past crimes. If you have additional information or believe you may have been a victim, please contact Investigator Marshall at 949-206-6191 or [email protected]. Aaberg was arrested Jan. 31. She is being held at the Orange County Jail and her bail is set at $20,000.

The article above was released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.