The best Super Bowl LIII ad

The Patriots collected another Super Bowl scalp, although the Rams have nothing to be ashambed of. They capped the Patriots to a field goal for three quarters, and only ten points overall.

Since we had no dog in this fight, we watched the game vaguely rooting for the underdog Rams despite my own continuing bad feelings towards the team for running off to St. Louis lo! those many years ago.

And, of course, we watched for the ads, which for the most part disappointed. The Budweiser Clydesdales were trotted out to tout wind-powered brewing. I miss the exquisite miniature stories featuring Clydesdales. Or the frogs.

One of the dragons from Games of Thrones popped up in another beer commercial, and the epic corn-syrup delivery effort was mildly amusing.

Far and away the best ad of all was for the National Football League, celebrating its 100th birthday. How many famous faces (and arms and footwork) can you identify as the formal dinner is distroyed?

Well done!