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Letter to the Editor: late term abortions and infanticide

Dear Orange County Breeze Editor –

Coming of age in the late 60s, early 70s I was a liberal activist with the best of them. Besides attending rallies demanding an end to the Vietnam War, I was adamant that no one should tell a woman what to do with her body when it came to abortion. After all, that fetus in the first trimester was just a “blob.”

Then technology happened.

Suddenly those blurry black and white sonograms of “blobs” became clear and concise photographs of babies. I could see the head, body, arms and legs of a human being. That’s when I became pro-life.

It is very disturbing to watch liberal governors and other politicians celebrate that babies can now be legally murdered seconds before birth. And if the baby survives a botched late-term abortion, the breathing infant can be placed on a table while the doctor and mother chatter about whether or not to kill the child.

Of all the perverted comments by liberals supporting late-term abortions, the award for utter ignorance goes to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam who made headlines on Jan. 30 for his remarks on late-term abortions:

“So in this particular example if a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen, the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Liberals rejoice that a baby can be delivered and kept comfortable while everyone goes to Starbucks to discuss what to do. What if that discussion goes into the second or third day? Or the mother can’t decide and the discussion takes a full week? A month? Do we kill the baby then?

Want more outrageous liberalism? Liberals are attacking Gov. Northam because he’s featured in a racist photo taken 35 years ago, NOT because he supports murdering pre-born and newborn babies.

Somewhere in hell, Hitler is smiling and applauding liberals. After all, if you make it legal to get rid of infants at nine months, it becomes easier to convince society to get rid of other groups. Elderly? Disabled? People of a certain faith? People needing expensive medical care?

Infanticide is just one of many major issues that separate conservatives and liberals.

  • Conservatives want a wall to protect our nation’s borders while liberals want open borders that let’s illegal aliens invade our country.
  • Conservatives only want American citizens voting in elections while liberals make election fraud legal with ballot harvesting.
  • Conservatives believe in working for what you want and keeping more of your income (low taxes) while liberals want government to provide everything (high taxes).
  • Conservatives believe in protecting the sanctity of life while liberals are making it legal to murder fully-formed babies.

The list of differences between conservatives and liberals goes on and on. To many Americans, it seems that the United States is on the path to a second Civil War.

And it’s all so sad.


Robin Itzler


  1. Great article! Robin thanks for taking the time to educate people about the differences in our party!

  2. This is outrageous!! No where in the discussions recently was ADOPTION mentioned! My parents were unable to have their own children so they adopted six (6) babies (five of whom made it to adulthood). Help couples become families (and save lives at the same time).

  3. Well said on all points, Robin. I am feeling so sad, and my stomach is upset and aches at the thought of infanticide. I fear that the yearbook photos were brought out to distract on the third term abortion issue in Virginia. I hear that the yearbook photos have been known about for years. Why bring it out now? I am pro-life and feel even in the case of rape or incest; the life is innocent. How gracious a mother would be to give life to this innocent life.

  4. I totally agree. What is happening to our Country??? I can’t believe we are even talking about this!! Animals have more rights than human babies. This must be what it was like in Nazi Germany.

  5. Ms Itzler, thank you for your informative article. Maybe we should include this in our sex education for 7 year olds, these liberals are just going nuts and do not care what outlandish rule that they are impossing on our youth! Please follow up with more articles on this topic and the consequences on the women that thoughtless go through with these decisions, their life will forever be changed.
    Respectfully, Mrs. J Anderson

  6. Ignorance is not bliss! Education brings Light and Life. Pls keep up your Enlightenment!

  7. The liberals are no longer trying to hide that they are trying to kill viable babies by using the words “blob of cells” or something similar. They are now calling them BABIES or INFANTS, which is exactly what they are – human beings. We are talking about MURDER folks. As the DEMOCRATS love to say – THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE. When will they finally realize it?

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