Harley Rouda

Rep. Harley Rouda to host first town hall February 19, 2019 in Costa Mesa

Rep. Harley Rouda (CA-48) will host the first town hall of his term this upcoming district work period.

“Once you cut through the noise of Washington, the title of this job is ‘Representative.’ My constituents have asked me to serve in a position of public trust. I’m looking forward to hearing from them face-to-face, and offering my plans for how we can improve the lives of people in our community.”

Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) will introduce Rouda at the event.

The Constituent Town Hall by U.S. Rep. Harley Rouda, introduced by U.S. Rep. Scott Peters, will be held Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at Estancia High School Gynasium, 2323 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

Space is limited.

Follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #CA48TownHall.

This article was based on information released by the Office of Representative Harley Rouda. For more information on local elected officials, click here.


  1. The Republican party led by Donald Trump raised my taxes in 2018. An extra $2700.
    The Republican party now has a racist wing, led by an ignorant fascist Donald Trump
    The Republican party sponsored the longest Federal government shutdown in history and reduced border security simultaneously.
    The Republicans only care about white babies. They put the Central American babies in jail and occasionally they die there. Real Pro-Life party.

    1. Jonathan,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      First, a transparency note: I am not a registered Republican. I consider myself a conservative constitutional originalist. (I did not vote for Trump.)

      Second, your comment contains unfair and inaccurate generalizations. I cannot disagree that Donald Trump is ignorant of many things, but I will insist that he does not meet the definition of “fascist.” He is a boorish opportunist who has rarely been denied whatever he goes after, and he generally uses the low road to get what he wants. That makes him a cad rather than a fascist.

      Third, and despite Trump’s thoughtless mistake in claiming ownership of the federal government shutdown, the shutdown could have been ended by either the Republicans or the Democrats. Congress has been non-functional for a long time, especially regarding budgets. Both parties are responsible.

      Fourth, the Republicans that I know personally are personally active “in the trenches” doing things like supporting crisis pregnancy centers. These individuals are not looking at skin color or DNA tests or even residency status before helping. The recent deaths of young Central Americans while in federal custody are tragedies but the larger portion of the responsibility for those tragedies should rest with the parents who brought them north when they should not have been traveling at all

      Finally, regarding your taxes: you need to be more specific. Is that increase because of the cap on State and Local Taxes (SALT)? If so, you should be blaming Democrats in Sacramento rather than Republicans in Washington, DC.

      Your over-broad claims boil down to throwing rocks to see if you can get a rise out of somebody — troll-bait.

      Again, thank you for reaidng Orange County Breeze.

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

  2. Rep. Rouda’s townhall meeting should be interesting if anyone asks why:
    – Democrats are now led by a socialist ignorant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
    – The Democratic Party now has an anti-Semitic wing.
    – The Democratic Party thinks it’s wonderful to abort 9-month old babies.

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