HÄNS Swipe-Clean sets out to solve bacterial build-up on devices

From dorm rooms to boardrooms to–yes–bathrooms, personal devices live on-the-go. Yet, unlike our hands, they often go unwashed for months and even years.

With this premise in mind, entrepreneur Scott Bushaw created HÄNS Swipe-Clean–the world’s first all-in-one device touchscreen cleaner that destroys grime where bacteria live, while leaving behind a streak-free screen.

“The first time I heard a  smartphone can harbor ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat, I almost cancelled my cell plan,” said Bushaw. “It makes sense. They’re warm, which is perfect for breeding bacteria, and everything we touch gets transferred with every text or notification we check.”

HÄNS Swipe-Clean was developed as a sustainable method for removing grime and fingerprints alongside these worry-causing germs.

HÄNS Swipe-Clean Benefits:

All-in-One — One side applies a controlled amount of HÄNS proprietary cleaning solution, while the other side gently polishes and dries.

• Versatile — HÄNS is safe to use on all device screens and cases, making it a smart choice for personal smartphones, ipads, workplace tablets, and any public screens.

• Proprietary Cleaning Solution  — HÄNS’ unique cleaning solution breaks apart grime, grease, dirt, and oils where bacteria and germs live and multiply.

• Travel-Friendly — Its compact, leak-proof design is easy to fit in purses, backpacks, and more.

• Long-Lasting –– Each unit lasts for hundreds of swipes and is refillable for thousands more; meaning ongoing savings.

• Eco-Conscious –– Over the last four years, users of HÄNS have kept over 5.5 million single-use wipes from being used and ending up in landfills.

HÄNS Swipe-Clean and Cleaning Solution Refills can be purchased at www.HÄNS-swipe.com and Amazon. HÄNS Swipe – Clean retails for $14.95.

This article was a courtesy release.