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Rep. Harley Rouda issues statement on National Emergency declaration

This afternoon, Representative Harley Rouda (CA-48) issued the following statement in response to reports that President Trump intends to declare a National Emergency with respect to the southern border:

“The President’s apparent decision to declare a National Emergency is yet another temper tantrum. By going through with this decision, President Trump will set a dangerous precedent for future presidents, Democrat or Republican, to abuse their authority under the National Emergencies Act to circumvent the checks and balances of the Constitution.

“Part of his plan is to unlawfully steal money from Army Corps of Engineers projects, including $160 million in CA-48, to fund a monument to his ego. At a time when we face real emergencies like climate change and the opioid crisis, it defies belief that a president would so casually waste taxpayers’ money.

“I’ve made clear I support a serious approach to border and port security that utilizes modern technology, not a stone age solution that will destroy our environment and take private property from citizens.

“The brinksmanship of the last two months is emblematic of the brokenness of our politics. It is time for us to walk away from shutdowns and work together to improve the lives of the people who sent us here.”

This article was released by the Office of Representative Harley Rouda.

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  1. Yada…Yada….Yada
    Thank goodness President Trump has the backbone to call the southern border a national emergency. Out of curiosity, how many ILLEGAL ALIENS had Representive Rouda taken in at his home? Does Sen Rouda have walls around his home? A security system?
    Sen Rouda is just another liberal yakking away ….

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