California College Republicans officially endorse Jessica Patterson for California Republican Party Chairman

The Executive Board of the California College Republicans (CCR) has voted to endorse CEO of California Trailblazers and former Victory Director of the California Republican Party (CRP), Jessica Patterson, for Chairman of the CRP. We are confident that Jessica not only has the technical and procedural knowledge to build an efficient organization and raise the funds necessary to implement her goals, but the will to act to protect our grassroots while uniting all Republicans.

As the voice of the youth in California – and moreso the future of the party – the California College Republicans are deeply invested in the race to determine the next Chairman of the California Republican Party. As such, we have carefully interviewed, researched, and debated the merits all candidates in the field. We are remarkably pleased that all candidates strongly supported party unity. Now more than ever it is essential to come together as Republicans, both in ideological opposition to the left as well as internal unity. For far too long, the party has engaged in protracted internal conflicts. Now is the time to consolidate and strengthen our forces, as we prepare for the crucial 2020 elections. After careful consideration, we felt Jessica Patterson was the best equipped candidate to succeed in this venture.

“Jessica has the skills to identify and promote strong candidates to take back critical state and federal seats, and she has proven that ability during her tenure as CEO of California Trailblazers. She is excellent at outreach, having generated millions of voter contacts during her time at the highest levels of leadership in the CRP and Republican National Committee. As a hispanic woman, Jessica is uniquely poised to take the message of the California Republican Party to those in our state who have swallowed the left’s lies about the GOP,” said Kimo Gandall, Co-Chair of the California College Republicans.

The Executive Committee, by a near unanimous vote, agreed with this sentiment. The California College Republicans are thus proud to endorse Jessica Patterson for Chairman of the California Republican Party. As we look to the future, we hope to work closely with Ms. Patterson to help strengthen both the state party and our youth organization.

The article above was released by the California College Republicans.