State Senator Moorlach gets to say "I told you so!" over California's attempted end-run around recent changes to federal tax law.

Senator John Moorlach introduces bill for dedicated California highway lanes without speed limits

Sen. John M. W. Moorlach introduced Senate Bill 319, which would provide additional dedicated lanes without speed limits northbound and southbound on Interstate Route 5 (I-5) and State Route 99 (SR 99) without speed limits using existing cap and trade revenues.

Replacing the defunct High-Speed Rail project – or at least providing an expedited transportation option until a substantial High-Speed Rail segment can be built decades in the future – with dedicated lanes would let Californians speedily and safely traverse the Northern and Southern parts of the state. Like the German Autobahn, the new lanes would be designed for both high-speed and safety. According to a World Health Organization study, estimated road traffic deaths per 100,000 people is 4.1 in Germany, while 12.4 in the United States.

“If Sacramento is serious about allowing Californians to travel between Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and High-Speed Rail will take too long to build, let’s construct four additional lanes with no maximum speed limit to provide for high speed on a safe road,” stated Senator Moorlach.

California is a modern state with a population of 40 million and expected to grow to as much as 60 million by 2050. It needs a state-of-the-art highway system to meet the needs of the future.

This article was released by the Office of Senator John Moorlach.