Huntington Beach Police Association succeeds in moving contract toward final passage

The voice for Huntington Beach’s men and women in blue today thanked its community supporters and four city councilmembers for their help in pushing an unfairly long-delayed contract one step closer to final passage

“We must compete in the marketplace to retain and attract the very best people,” said Yasha Nikitin, president of the Huntington Beach Police Officers Association “This contract is a big step in the right direction, and we are thankful to those on the council and in the community who joined us to change the course of dysfunction and ultra-partisan gridlock – a dysfunction and gridlock that has choked our city for years and decades.”

Nikitin singled out for special praise hundreds of community supporters and Councilmembers Mike Posey, Patrick Brenden, Barbara Delgleize, and Kim Carr. “They have worked tirelessly to get things done that will stem the tide of rising crime rates and homelessness. Their leadership and service to our community is greatly appreciated.”

The earliest the city could give final approval on the contract would be at its next meeting March 5.

“I realize some hyper-partisans in the community think everyone working for Huntington Beach should labor under one formula, but one formula does not take into account the many different jobs, required skills, needs, and – especially for us — risks to life and injury,” added Nikitin. “Police work is not a job anyone can do. With approval of a new contract, a brighter day lies ahead in our ability to retain and recruit the best employees and move away from the ineffective old ways that served only personal purposes.”

This article was released by the Huntington Beach Police Officers Association.