Hollywood producer launches TaleFlick – innovative new way for authors to showcase their works

For the first time ever, authors now have a direct, easy and efficient way to showcase their works to movie and television studios – TaleFlick. Launched by Hollywood producer Uri Singer of Passage Films and former Netflix and Apple executive George Berry, TaleFlick is a game changer for writers and the entertainment industry, as it allows authors to submit their work to the platform and have it placed into the first-ever library of searchable content that has been categorized and curated for studio executives around the world.

With studios, networks and streaming services on the hunt for quality original stories and content, and the competition for new intellectual properties (IPs) heating up, TaleFlick is a major innovation in the way original stories will transition from the page to the screen. The platform provides authors with a more direct way to potentially monetize their stories and secure important studio relationships.

Submitted works are entered into the TaleFlick platform and advanced algorithms categorize and classify the content, with each piece of content also being reviewed by TaleFlick’s on-staff team of industry experts. This ensures that the best works are easily searchable by studio executives seeking compelling stories to bring to the big and small screens.

TaleFlick has already selected over a dozen works on the platform to be pitched major studios and Fortitude International has already optioned two female-driven properties – historical fiction Madame Presidentess and essay collection Starfish on Thursday. Both center on strong women going up against overwhelming adversity. The company is eyeing feature adaptations of each, demonstrating that TaleFlick is already making an impact on the industry.

The TaleFlick platform, which accepts published books has a simple process for authors seeking to have their content made available for studios to view. For a fee of $88 per title, per year, submitted stories will be curated and then made available for one year on TaleFlick.com. Authors retain all rights to their books but give TaleFlick the option to bid on their rights and present their stories to studios and production companies.

“TaleFlick bridges the gap between the written word on paper and the spoken word on screen by paving the way for storytellers around the world to shop their content to the entertainment industry,” said Uri Singer, CEO of TaleFlick. “With movie studios, TV networks and streaming providers demanding new content at levels never before seen in the entertainment industry, TaleFlick is a new, reliable source of stories and ideas, delivering new and exciting opportunities for authors around the world.”

While hundreds of thousands of books are published every year, very few are ever considered by studios because authors have not had a viable way of getting the eyes of studios executives on their work. TaleFlick will allow these “undiscovered gems” to have a greater opportunity to be in consideration to be optioned for production.

“With original content in high demand, now is a new ‘golden era’ for authors to bring their works to masses,” said George Berry, COO at TaleFlick. “We are creating the most comprehensive library of content in the industry and are proud that we can bring a wide variety of new, creative and compelling stories to the entertainment industry.”

For more information please visit: taleflick.com.

Uri Singer is the co-founder of TaleFlick, and founder and CEO of Passage Pictures, a production company based in Los Angeles, which develops, produces and finances quality content with commercial appeal. The company is quickly making a name for itself in the independent film space with elevated content that transcends genres and demographics. Singer will produce (alongside John Krasinski) Universal Pictures’ upcoming biopic The King of Oil, based on the best -selling book. The film will star Matt Damon as fugitive billionaire commodities trader Marc Rich. The company produced Marjorie Prime starring Jon Hamm, which made its debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Additional upcoming projects include: I am Rose Fatou, written by Hidden Figures director Ted Melfi and Tesla written and directed by Michael Almereyda and staring Ethan Hawke.

George is a co-founder and COO of TaleFlick. He began his career in London, working for EMI Group, where he wrestled with the challenges of the music industry moving into the digital age. After relocating to Los Angeles to manage the company’s global digital distribution, he became instrumental in coordinating the release of The Beatles catalog on iTunes – the first time the Fab Four had ever been available for sale digitally, which led him to join Apple in 2011. Here he managed the movies and television operations, overseeing expansion into new markets, including Latin America, the Middle East, and China. Whilst at Netflix in 2017, managing content operations for Europe and India, George saw an opportunity to offer the studios a better way to access original content for their ever-growing audiences.

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