Seal Beach Republican Women to hear insider details of California sex education in public schools

Author and teacher Rebecca Friedrichs. Courtesy photo.

Rebecca Friedrichs, 28-year California public school teacher, will share shocking highlights of California’s SeXXX Ed curriculum (officially known as “CA Healthy Youth Act”) during the Seal Beach Republican Women Federated lunch meeting that begins at 11:15 a.m. on Thursday, March 28, 2019. Conveniently located at a nearby seaside venue, Friedrichs will explain why teachers are mortified and parents are fighting back to stop this act. With free parking the luncheon is $35 per person. For reservations contact Tara Amundson at [email protected] or 562-286-1751.

“Liberals are running the teachers’ union and instructing our children with their perverse sexual and social agenda,” said Seal Beach Republican Women Federated President Bibi Mesmer, adding that public school teachers are already indoctrinating students with their progressive political biases. “What is happening in our public schools is a form of child abuse. Concerned parents will leave our meeting understanding how they can stand with good teachers and stop this liberal madness.”

Friedrichs, who was the lead plaintiff in the federal lawsuit to allow teachers to opt out of their union (Friedrichs vs California Teachers Association) is currently focusing her efforts on supporting educational policies that are friendly to children, and to help teachers, children and parents to make their voices heard. Her editorials have been published in many print and online outlets including and Orange County Register.

In addition to Rebecca Friedrichs’ informative presentation, the lunch meeting offers like-minded women and men an opportunity to learn more about Republican Women Federated and how they can be part of America’s largest grassroots organization.

The article above was released by the Seal Beach Republican Women Federated.

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  1. Rebecca Friedrichs is right on target – not only is she a wonderful speaker with an inspirational story of her own, she has now taken up the battle for the minds, hearts and bodies of our school children against the far left-wing running the state teachers’ union. Its goal is to indoctrinate, not educate, our students.

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