OCC’s 3rd annual Giles T. Brown Research Symposium set for March 15, 2019

One of last year’s winners, Lyvia Yoho. Courtesy photo.

Orange Coast College is hosting its third annual Giles T. Brown Student Project and Research Symposium on Friday, March 15 in the College’s Math, Business and Computing Center and Horticulture gardens. The Symposium will give students a chance to present the work they do inside or outside the classroom, and aims to highlight many different disciplines on campus in a single event.

Students will present their work in one of three ways:

Oral Presentation — Examples presentation might include topics like the effect of visual input on brainwaves, the effects of caffeine on VO2max, the comparison of performance on a rubric as judged by an instructor compared with final grade, or the effect of messaging on exercise seeking behavior.

Poster Presentation — Provides the opportunity to share work through a visual presentation and includes a question and answer period. Posters will be on display throughout the Symposium and the author(s) is/are present, which will provide an opportunity to communicate with peers in an informal and intimate setting.

Exhibition of Work — A category suitable for creative works including sculpture, machined products, architectural design, and ice sculptures.

The top prize is a First Author award of $1,000, with $500 for a subcategory win and $100 for runner-up awards. Subcategories include oral presentation with original research, oral presentation with project or literature review, poster presentations, and projects, technology and creative works.

Last year’s first place winner was Jonathan Stockman with a project titled “Accommodating the Baby-boomer Generation.” Other winners included Mahdokt Hamidan with a poster presentation for a fruit preservation cream, and Lyvia Yoho, with a project on selective reporting of crime by the media.

This year saw a significant rise in project proposals, with more than 80 presentation submissions by students.

This article was released by Orange Coast College.