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Senator Patricia Bates responds to Governor Newsom’s housing plan involving gas taxes

Senator Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) issued the following statement in response to Governor Newsom’s housing plan that would withhold gas tax money for road repairs unless local communities meet certain conditions.

“The Governor’s proposal to hold money for road repairs captive unless local governments meet his demands is a bait-and-switch on Californians who thought the gas and car taxes would help them and their communities.

“When those tax increases were debated in the last legislative session, the authors of those increases did not say anything about linking road repair funding to housing. With the defeat of last November’s gas tax repeal, we are now being conveniently told something different. It is no surprise why so many people are skeptical of the promises made by Sacramento politicians whenever they want to increase their taxes.

“Californians deserve better. Promises made on transportation must be promises kept or we will not keep California moving.”

This article was released by the Office of Senator Patricia Bates.

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  1. Using gas tax money to increase California’s new housing population another
    10,000,000 people? NO!
    Gov. Newsom isn’t revealing the truth about the state housing agency HCD.
    The state knows that very little low income housing will be built, because it
    is the developer not the city that builds the housing. The developer wants
    to make a profit with market rate not low income housing.

    Even HCD officials admit that they only expect 7% of
    the very low and low income mandated housing to be built. If state
    officials don’t even expect 10% of built low income restricted housing,
    why is the state agency perpetrating the lie that cities aren’t doing
    their “fair” share.

    The state housing law was set up to benefit developers.

    The law is unfair, unjust, and unequal. In news reports
    the word affordable is used to gain the approval of voters.
    HCD, doesn’t see a housing crisis and didn’t see a housing
    crisis when they divided up the number of housing units
    (mostly apartments for low income) among the counties or COGs for the
    5th cycle housing element (2013-2021). All this news about affordable
    housing without notice of how many cities are removed from building the
    low income housing isn’t made public.

    Los Angeles County received a housing quota that was 100,000 housing units
    less than the previous 8 year 4th cycle. Orange County also had a lower housing
    quota. The residents of California have been manipulated by the
    politicians and the building industry that donate money to the political

    Check out the RHNA numbers for the regional SCAG
    agency. Cities such as Malibu, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Laguna
    Beach, Costa Mesa, Hermosa Beach, and Compton are only required to
    up-zone for 2 low income restricted houses. Huntington Beach was told
    they had to up-zone for 533 low income houses. The “law” according to
    HCD is that cities must up-zone property to higher density, that is
    30 housing units per acre.The theory is that the increased density would
    mean apartments buildings and a few apartments in the building could be
    low income while the rest would be market rate. There’s no
    consideration of gridlock, overcrowding of schools, etc. in the thinking
    of the legislature that passes these bills.
    Rescind the housing law.

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