Don Sedgwick

Congressional candidate Don Sedgwick remains pro-death penalty

Candidate for Congress in CA-45 Don Sedgwick, a Republican, vocally rebuked Governor Newsom’s overreach against the voters’ will and stated he will remain supportive and insist we keep the death penalty in place. Sedgwick also demanded Rep. Katie Porter denounce this dangerous shift in policy by vowing to buck the Governor’s mandate and reinstate the Death Penalty.

Don Sedgwick stated, “This shift in policy is reprehensible. While crime is skyrocketing in our state the Governor has now removed yet another deterrent for criminals to commit more violence. Newsom is snubbing his nose in the faces of so many victims and their families.”

“I demand that Representative Porter immediately denounce this radical policy shift and pledge her support to convince the Governor to undo this disastrous executive order,” demanded Sedgwick.

California’s 45th Congressional District has had two opportunities to repeal the death penalty via ballot measure and each time has decisively voted against repeal and in favor of the death penalty.

Here are the prior voters’ opinions on Death Penalty Measures in California’s 45th Congressional District.

Measure to Repeal the Death Penalty in 2012
62.5% No to 37.5% Yes
Measure to repeal Death Penalty in 2016
60.5% No to 39.5% Yes
Measure to strengthen the Death Penalty in 2016
58.5% Yes to 41.5% No

This article was released by Sedgwick for Congress.