Tomato Watch 2019 begins!

We trooped over to Cal State Fullerton this morning for the Arboretum’s annual Veggiepalooza.

We had lots of company, and everybody had big grins.

I wanted five varieties of tomatoes — two favorites (Indigo Rose and Jelly Bean Yellow) and three to try new.

After my husband dropped us at the entrance and went in search of a parking spot, my daughter and I were all business, walking past the tempting displays of herbs and peppers straight to the tomato plants at the back.

We found Indigo Rose. I had almost given up on Jelly Bean Yellow when my sharp-eyed husband spotted it. (He’s good at spotting parking places, too.)

We could then relax while considering which three new varieties to try.

We ended up with Early Girl, San Marzano, and Yellow Oxheart — plus a couple of summer-type squash.

All the plants are in the ground. Three volunteer seedlings were moved to pots, so we can watch them to find out what variety they are.

We will (we trust) be buried in tomatoes and happily giving them away by July. (Last year’s tomato watch ended on June 9, with the picking of a ripe Jelly Bean Yellow.)