Room with a view: congratulations to Troy Edgar

According to an article by Roxana Kopetman in the Saturday, March 16, 2019, issue of the Orange County Register, former Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar has been nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as chief financial officer of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The self-described “numbers guy” gets to show his prowess to the wonks in Washington.

At the moment, he would seem to be more successful than his erstwhile rival, Travis Allen, who gave up his Assembly seat to run for governor, lost, then ran for the chairmanship of the California Republican Party, and lost. (Travis Allen was notably supported against Edgar in the Assembly race by Los Alamitos Councilmembers Warren Kusumoto and Gerri Mejia.)

In all the noise and commotion over the Los Alamitos ordinance opting out of SB 54, it is now overlooked that Warren Kusumoto drafted and introduced the ordinance. Mr. Edgar brought it to a vote, and added a stinger by recommending that the City file an amicus brief in a lawsuit brought by the federal government against SB 54.

The federal lawsuit was won by the State of California. However, the City of Los Alamitos beat the lawsuit brought by the ACLU — which vowed to appeal. Meantime, a related lawsuit against the City of Huntington Beach has overshadowed the Los Alamitos lawsuit, which is suspended for the time being.

Pondering Edgar’s new job

DHS has posted online a handy organizational chart, dated December 4, 2018. From that chart, you can see that the position of chief financial officer reports to three different offices: the DHS secretary and deputy secretary; the management directorate; and the chief information officer. That last connection looks more fraternal than hierarchical.

The gist is that the position is up there in (obscure) nosebleed territory. As a numbers guy, he should be in hog heaven. It should allow him to broaden his contacts at the national level while not being the target of partisan sniping (unless there’s a financial scandal).

During a break for refreshments at his last Council meeting, I asked Mr. Edgar if he had made any plans. He offered no firm answer.

It would now seem that he plans a move from California to Washington, D.C.

(No announcement has been made by the Department of Homeland Security. The last statement by Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen on a nomination was to congratulate Chad F. Wolf for his nomination to be the Under Secretary for Strategy, Policy and Plans. That was released on February 15, 2019.)


Dear Editor:

Shelley Henderson’s March 17, 2019 editorial, “Room with a view: congratulations to Troy Edgar” erroneously states that “the City of Los Alamitos beat the lawsuit brought by the ACLU [regarding the Los Alamitos Ordinance purporting to exempt the city from SB 54,the California Values Act]. That is incorrect. The court has not yet ruled on the merits of the lawsuit. Los Alamitos Community United v. Los Alamitos is currently stayed pending the decision in a related case, Huntington Beach v. California.

We ask that you please issue a prompt correction.


Jessica Karp Bansal, Co-Legal Director, National Day Laborer Organizing Network
Sameer Ahmed, Staff Attorney, ACLU of Southern California

Attorneys for Plaintiffs in Los Alamitos Community United v. Los Alamitos

Response: this is correct. I should have been more precise in my description.