Don Sedgwick

Sedgwick unveils first major endorsement from former U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch

Don Sedgwick announced that he won former U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch’s endorsement just days after launching his bid to become the next Congressman in California’s 45th district. Hatch is the longest-serving Republican in the history of both the Senate and the Judiciary Committee and has represented Utah for more than one-third of that state‚Äôs history. Hatch has participated in the appointment of more than half of the life-tenured federal judges appointed since the birth of the republic.* According to data from the Library of Congress more Hatch bills became law than any other Senator in history. This endorsement from one of America’s Republican heavyweights is a huge show of force for the Sedgwick campaign.

Former U.S. Senator Hatch gave this statement; “Orange County needs a strong Conservative leader in Washington. Don Sedgwick has not only unwavering Conservative values but the leadership skills and organization to win back CA-45. I trust Don to fight hard to end Sanctuary Cities and secure our borders, to take care of our veterans and strengthen our military. I proudly endorse Don Sedgwick for U.S. Congress.”

Don Sedgwick responded to the endorsement, “I’m honored to have earned the trust from Orrin Hatch who has chosen me to lead the party to success in Orange County.”

He continued, “Hatch’s final call to Americans when leaving office after 42-years of service was that we, as a Nation, should strive for unity. In Congress, I’ll work with anyone to get things done and listen to the needs of Orange County families.”

This article was released by Sedgwick for Congress.