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Letter to the editor: objections to initial proposal for design of LARC Park

Parks and Recreation Commission 3/19 Meeting Update

There was a great turnout of Cypress residents speaking to their serious concerns about the proposed design for the new 9 acre park that will be on the corner of Cerritos and Lexington.

Residents overwhelmingly did not want the park to be 2 synthetic soccer fields and a large parking lot. The appeal was for a wider variety of uses and for it to be a community park, not a complex designed to meet the desires of organized soccer.

What was interesting is there is an interest in these fields not only by AYSO but also LA Galaxy Orange County.

Keep in mind that the owner of the LA Galaxy is worth $11 billion.

The implications would be that residents would have limited access to what will be the 3rd largest park in our city.

It appears that the design was driven by its revenue generation capability rather than the desires of the residents.

The Director of Recreation and Community Services indicated they would do more work on this and report back to the Commission.

It is critical that residents remain vigilant on this issue so it doesn’t slip through as the design currently being proposed.

The article above was written by George Pardon.

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  1. Thank you George Pardon for your overwhelming concern for the City of Cypress and the people who live here. It’s very much appreciated.

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