Mission Viejo Mayor announces Congressional run

Mission Viejo’s Mayor, Greg Raths, filed his Declaration of Candidacy for election to the United States House of Representatives from California’s 45th Congressional District. The seat, captured last November by Democrat Katie Porter, had until then always been in Republican hands.

Raths is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and promises to never vote for a tax increase. He supports tough security at our southern border including a wall, and completely rejects the Green New Deal as irrational, and because, Raths says, “it would completely destroy the America we know and love”.

Raths, retired after a distinguished career as a Marine Corps fighter pilot, rose to the rank of Colonel. A decorated combat pilot, Raths retired from the Corps in 2004 after 30 years’ service to our country. He pledges to make better treatment for our veterans a key issue in his campaign. He is married to Luci Raths and has three children and six grandchildren. He was first elected to the Mission Viejo City Council on November 4, 2014. His colleagues on the Council honored him this year by unanimously voting to elevate him to Mayor.

“Katie Porter is a former student and protégé of Elizabeth Warren and like her Massachusetts mentor, is on the far-left fringe of American politics,” Raths said. “She is completely out-of-step with Orange County’s values as she joined the Progressive Caucus of the House of Representatives. I am running to insure that she serves only a single term and to restore a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.”

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