Assemblymember Tyler Diep supports mobile home safety preparedness, increase tax break for low-income housing

Assemblymember Tyler Diep voted in support of making improvements to fire preparedness and safety in mobile homes and in mobile home communities and a separate measure to incentivize more low-income housing.

  • AB 338 will require mobile homes and manufactured-homes to have a functioning smoke alarm. This bill will also require that emergency preparedness plans in mobile home parks be available in multiple foreign languages including Vietnamese, Korean, and Spanish.
  • AB 10 will incentivize developers to increase low-income housing by increasing the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program by $500 million.

“As Vice Chair of the Housing Committee, I am proud to co-author and support AB 10 and AB 338,” said Diep, “In a fire, every second counts. Having the tools in preparation for a fire is essential for life preservation. Ensuring all tenants are safe in their homes should always be a priority.”

“All of California is aware that we are in a housing crisis. Without proper funding, constructing affordable housing can be extremely difficult. Increasing the Low Income Housing Tax Credit will help developers take advantage of additional federal tax credits, which will result in more affordable units being built. AB 10 will not only create more affordable housing but also spur economic activity and create jobs.”

AB 10 and AB 338 passed out of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee, which Assemblymember Tyler Diep is Vice Chair.

This article was released by the Office of Assemblymember Tyler Diep.