Are you one of the more than 150,000 property owners who haven’t paid their secured property taxes yet?

With the second installment of secured property taxes last timely payment date looming on April 10, Orange County Treasurer Shari Freidenrich reports that more than 150,000 individual taxpayers have not yet submitted their payments.

Treasurer Freidenrich reminds taxpayers that it takes less than five minutes to pay property tax bills online to avoid penalties that will be charged after April 10. Payments not received by the deadline will incur a 10 percent penalty plus a $23 fee, unless received in person by 5 p.m., postmarked by the U.S.P.S. by April 10 or processed online at by midnight. Taxpayers should obtain a U.S.P.S. hand-stamp if mailing payments close to the deadline.

“We have worked hard to streamline the payment process on the mobile-friendly Treasurer’s website, where taxpayers will receive same-day payment credit to their accounts and a detailed emailed or printed receipt,” Treasurer Freidenrich said. “Taxpayers can save money by not driving and parking and avoid construction of a new building that limits close parking.”

The number of electronic payments has grown every year. So far during this current tax season, 57 percent of the filers have paid electronically, an increase of 17 percent since Treasurer Freidenrich took office in 2011. Online payments by eCheck have no additional service charges, and you will just pay the exact amount of your property tax.

If copies of a prior property tax bill are needed to complete your state or federal income tax returns, which are due by April 15, taxpayers can view and print their property tax bills online and view the last two years of payment details at In addition, taxpayers can also sign up to receive a payment reminder by text or email at

Try out our newest web-based application “Mello” that details all property taxes and fees on a property and provides contact information on all assessments, including CFD assessments, commonly known as “Mello Roos.” You can download this application at

If a taxpayer uses another online payment site such as a bank, the payee should be listed as “County of Orange” and include the APN number as the account number, exactly as shown on the secured property tax bill. As it may take several days to reach the County, possibly up to a week, we encourage taxpayers to pay using the Treasurer’s secure online site to avoid potential delinquent penalties.

Do you have a family member or a senior friend who also needs to pay secured property taxes? Go online and input their address to see whether their secured property taxes are paid. Or just scan the QR code below and input their parcel number or address. If not paid, pass on this message to have them pay their taxes by April 10 online without a service fee!

This article was released by the Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office.