Orange County independent contractors and businesses impacted by Dynamex urge legislators to recognize diverse CA workforce

Orange County independent contractors and business owners gathered at the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce to ask state legislators to support additional changes to Assembly Bill 5 by Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez that will encompass a more holistic solution to address today’s workforce. Many independent contractors want or need the flexibility and additional income it provides and legislation will ensure that their livelihoods are not taken away.

Those who attended and spoke at April 11th’s press conference included, Theresa Harvey, president and CEO of the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce, Joe Canatsey, an Orange County truck owner-operator, Uber partner Kenneth Porter, taxi drivers Mohamad Azam and Al Abdelfattah, and various other freelancers and business owners.

“The modern California workforce is diverse and allows workers to meet their needs through flexibility and independence. One-size-fits-all policies harm many diverse industries and workers that are dedicated independent contractors,” Theresa Harvey of the North OC Chamber who spoke at today’s press conference.“Recent amendments to the bill are a step in the right direction, but do not do enough to recognize workers in industries like mine who choose to be independent contractors for flexibility.”

If lawmakers do not carve out further industries in upcoming amendments, the way millions of California workers earn a living could be negatively impacted. There are nearly two million Californians who work as independent contractors in many industries that range from healthcare, technology, construction, transportation, beauty, finance, insurance, real estate, entertainment and many more.

This article was a courtesy release.