Quirk-Silva releases 8th year of tax returns in a row

For the 8th tax year in a row, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva made her tax returns available to media outlets, reaffirming her personal commitment to an open, transparent government that is accountable to voters.

“I’ll say this every time I do this: As an elementary school teacher, I wanted my students to have confidence they could trust me, to know I had their best interests at heart, and to see that integrity matters. Same goes for serving my fellow Californians,” said Quirk-Silva. “I want people to trust that we’re fighting for them, for what’s right, serving them not ourselves.

“So, again, Jesus and I are releasing our taxes for public scrutiny. We want our fellow taxpayers to know we play by the same rules and are paying our fair share,” said Quirk-Silva. “It’s our contribution to restoring people’s confidence in elected officials in an age of division and distrust.

“We’re also trying to be a good example for the president. If we can do it, so can he.”

In addition to releasing her taxes annually, Quirk-Silva has a long record of promoting good government measures. She authored the state law that requires elected officials to file their state-mandated financial disclosure forms online. Prior to her Assembly Bill 409, the forms were sent to an obscure state agency in Sacramento to gather dust. Now, any member of the public can review those disclosures and government watchdogs can more easily access them to analyze for conflicts of interest.

Quirk-Silva and her husband, Fullerton Mayor Jesus Silva, file jointly. The couple released their entire returns. The only information withheld pertained to personal information such as social security numbers and the names of their children.

This article was released by Quirk-Silva for Assembly 2020.